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Corporate Misfit (Alpha Demo)Corporate Misfit is a fast-paced side scrolling platformer about an employee who’s sick of his terrible work environment, so he sets out to find his Boss to give him a piece of his mind. Along the way he encounters many strange areas and foes trying to stop him from causing trouble around the office, but it’s impossible to keep this misfit down!

I recommend that you do the “Practice” portion of the game first to get a feel for the controls and how the game works. That way you’ll be able to get the most out of the experience.

*Please note that this is the Alpha release of the game with 3 playable levels. I’m releasing this early version to get an idea of what people think of the game, so please feel free to give feedback. I want to make this game as fun as possible and further development depends on you!*

Thanks for playing! Basic Controls:

Walk = [Left Arrow] or [Right Arrow]

Run = Hold Down [C] while moving

Jump = [Space]

Duck = [Down Arrow] when standing still

Pause Game = [P]

Special Abilities:

Slide = Hold [Down Arrow] with at least one bar of special meter

Super Jump = [Up Arrow] with at least two bars of special meter

Attack = [X] with full special meter

Environmental Controls:

Interact with object = [Enter]

Climb ladder = [Up Arrow], [Down Arrow], [Left Arrow], or [Right Arrow] when on ladder

Skip Text = [Space]

Move Pie Graph = [Up Arrow] or [Down Arrow] when in pie graph

Play Level = [Space] in level select

Corporate Misfit (Alpha Demo) Screen Shots

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